Agenda — May 10, 2022


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Federal Civilian

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Department of Defense and National Security

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State and Local

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Tuesday, May 10

Event Check-In Opens

Welcome Remarks

Anil Chakravarthy Headshot

Anil Chakravarthy

President of Digital Experience Business


Bill Donellan Headshot

Bill Donellan

VP of Public Sector


Jonathan Benett Headshot

Jonathan Benett

Technical Director of Digital Government Solutions



The Future of CX

The White House recently released an executive order focused on transforming customer experience and service delivery for the public and federal agencies. This push to modernize government digital service delivery is not just a federal mandate, but is also a priority for state and local government leaders. Now, government is looking for ways to be more innovative and adopt simple, seamless and secure solutions faster to meet the overwhelming needs of both the public and their workforce. During this session, you will hear from federal and state government technology leaders discuss ways they are leveraging these new CX policy priorities to accelerate the modernization of government services. They will explore how government services can be delivered in ways the public now demands and expects — quick, easy, secure, and accessible.

Clare Martorana Headshot

Clare Martorana

Federal Chief Information Officer, Office of Management & Budget

Executive Office of the President 

Bill Zilenski Headshot

William Zielinski

Chief Information Officer

City of Dallas

Suzzette Kent_Headshot

Suzette Kent

Former Federal CIO

United States Federal Government


Personalizing The Citizen Experience

People are at the heart of everything the government supports. Now, with public sector facing growing pressure to match the level of excellence modeled by the private sector when it comes to digital service delivery, government leaders are looking for ways to re-invest in the customer experience so that they can deliver secure, effective, equitable, and accessible solutions that are personalized. The concept of personalization, however, is still new to the public sector. So how does an agency roadmap a seamless digital lexperience that builds trust and deepens relationships with their constituents? During this session, hear Service Canada's Director General of Digital Services, Michel Laviolette. He'll share stories of how Service Canada restored user trust by providing exceptional digital experiences to their citizens, employees, visitors, and businesses with a customized and personalized digital front door.

Michel Laviolette Headshot

Michel Laviolette

Director of General Digital Services, Service Canada

Government of Canada

Teri Takai Headshot

Teri Takai

Senior Vice President

The Center for Digital Government


Digitizing Health Information with a Customer-Focused Mindset

Having the right data at the right time is mission critical to today’s healthcare challenges from allowing patients more choices for managing their care to providers delivering a truly connected care experience. Delivering healthcare coverage and services to more than 100 million people, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) relies on a seamless, secure exchange and access of digital health information to reduce administrative burden, advance interoperability, set national standards, and engage members, patients, and providers to understand their experiences, inform solutions and infuse a customer-focused mindset. In this session, CMS’ Health Informatics and Interoperability Group will discuss their digital transformation journey to improve interoperability and service delivery while personalizing member and patient experiences.

Alexandra Mugge Headshot

Alexandra Mugge, MPH

Director and Deputy Chief Health Informatics Officer

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

James Hanson Headshot

James Hanson

Head of Public Sector Industry Strategy



Tuesday, May 10

Track Introductions

Join Adobe's Jonathan Benett as he guides you through this year's Experience Makers Government Forum. During this brief conversation, learn all about the upcoming conversations so you can better experience how federal leaders are building integrated digital experiences, how the Department of Defense is using digital solutions to engage and communicate with service members and civilian workers, and how state and local governments are improving digital services, expanding remote access, and providing better tools for their workforce.

Jonathan Benett Headshot

Jonathan Benett

Technical Director of Digital Government Solutions



Tuesday, May 10

Breakout Track Sessions

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BREAKOUT TRACK 1: Federal Civilian
BREAKOUT TRACK 2: Department of Defense and National Security
BREAKOUT TRACK 3: State and Local

Keynote Introduction

Craig Abod Headshot

Craig Abod


Carahsoft Technology Corp.


Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar

Javier Peña and Steve Murphy are former DEA agents best known for bringing down Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar in the ’90s, as dramatized on the first two seasons of Netflix series Narcos and chronicled in their book Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar. During this closing conversation, join these legendary operatives as they tell the true story of how they helped put an end to one of the world’s most infamous narco-terrorists. They will describe the innovative digital strategies and technology used to conduct the effective investigation, as well as the challenges they encountered while taking down one of the world's most charismatic criminals.

Steve Murphy Headshot

Steve Murphy

Former Special Agent in Charge

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Javier Pena Headshot

Javier Peña

Former Special Agent in Charge

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration


Tuesday, May 10

Closing Remarks